Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) School of Medicine, Department of Medicine

Residency Pathways

Our Categorical Residency is a traditional 3 year IM residency with a focus on inpatient and outpatient clinical training, increasing autonomy during the years of training, and career development. Details about the residency are covered in the FAQ document on this web site.

Our program is based on two themes- patient care and career development. We want our residents to become superb clinicians; a goal they achieve through clinical experience and teaching. We strongly believe in house staff autonomy and adult learning. We have an outstanding group of residents with excellent ‘esprit de corps’, which promotes a positive learning environment.

Clinical training is the foundation and career development is the second and equally important goal. We want our residents to succeed in their long-term goals, whether it be in academic medicine, competing for the most rigorous fellowships, or preparing for life as a general internist. The Chair, Program Directors and faculty see it as their mission to aid the residents in pursuing these long-term goals.

We are committed to maintaining a program of the highest academic standards with scholarly approach to the practice of medicine. And while we promote an environment of academic rigor, our faculty fosters a supportive and collegial relationship with the medical interns and residents.