Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) School of Medicine, Department of Medicine

Population Health & Quality Improvement

There is a critical need not only to train competent physicians to treat patients with complex chronic diseases but also to overhaul and improve the systems within which care is provided. This has been identified as a crucial need by multiple subspecialties, and health systems are being forced to provide high quality care that is being linked to reimbursement. Our goal in developing this track is to train residents to develop the skills to face the challenges posed by the growing needs of our population and the changing demographics and epidemiology of illness. These challenges face all physicians both those who plan a career in a subspecialty of Internal Medicine as well as those interested in primary care or inpatient medicine.  As Program Director, I have a passion to link high quality clinical care to the clinical training and education one gets.  Therefore, with a world renowned faculty who are strongly committed to teaching, and have both clinical experience and training in quality improvement, we will offer an exciting and innovative program where you will learn not only how to heal your patients but also fix and improve the systems in which healthcare is provided. We look forward to welcoming you to our Population Health and Quality Improvement Track.